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Rev. Cheryl Lambert

Cheryl was born at Georgetown Memorial Hospital in Georgetown, SC to Jimmy and Judy Lambert. Cheryl has spent most of her life living for her Lord. She accepted Jesus Christ into her heart at the age of 7. She began her music ministry as a guitarist, at age eleven, at Earles PH Church. Cheryl continued her call to ministry by assisting the youth minister during her young teen years. Cheryl experienced a few rebellious teen years before she married at age nineteen. Cheryl’s husband accepted the call to preach 3 years later. They worked together in the ministry by preaching, teaching, singing, playing the guitar and piano. They were co-pastors at Bethel Church of the Brethren, Arrington, VA for almost 6 years. This was followed by 4 years as a Sunday school teacher at Crab Orchard Church of the Brethren.

In January 2004, through a series of unfortunate circumstances, Cheryl’s husband made the decision to leave the church and the ministry as well as the marriage. This was a low time in her life, but had a positive result. The situation brought her closer to God who continued to call her to preach His Word. She felt the call stronger than ever before so she made the changes necessary to pursue the necessary education. She moved home to South Carolina and began attending classes through the South Carolina International Pentecostal Holiness Conference offered through Advantage College. Cheryl had more of a desire to preach the Word then than she had ever had before. She became an ordained minister in May of 2013.

Cheryl has had extensive and varied experiences throughout her ministry, both before and after her ordination. She has taught chapel at Trinity Christian School for the past two years. She frequently is a guest speaker for the Women’s ministry in Andrews, SC and the surrounding communities. She has also been blessed to speak at numerous revivals within the same geographical area. Cheryl’s experiences include opportunities for pulpit fill at churches located from her hometown in South Carolina to Virginia and West Virginia.

Perhaps one of her most memorable sermons was given when she preached the Sunday sermon at New Capital Iglesias Pentecostal, Honduras while on a mission trip with World Wide Missions.

Cheryl would be honored share the light that shines from God through her with your group or congregation.

Rev. Cheryl Lambert
Phone: 757-335-5794
E-Mail - clambert@llcontractors.com or wwjmcheryl@ymail.com
Address: 2036 Earle Road. Andrews, SC 29510


I have known Cheryl Lambert since she was born as I am her older brother. She is one of the most sincere, dedicated and totally committed Disciples of Christ I've ever known. She brings her passion, knowledge of God's Word and talent to the pulpit and whether it is preaching, playing the piano, or singing - everyone present receives a message from God. And by having an inside vantage point - it is so rewarding to see that this is exactly how she lives 24/7. She's the real deal when it comes to ministry.
Dr. Timothy C. Lambert
Senior Pastor
Christian Embassy International Church
Chesapeake, VA

Cheryl is one of a kind with her smiling personality. She is very connected to her Lord and people of all races. Cheryl is very caring, outgoing and compassionate in her ministry, pouring her heart into every situation that arises. Cheryl not only preaches God’s Word, she lives it.
Pastor Allen Ard
Earles P H Church

Cheryl is a truly gifted person who is always willing to serve others in whatever capacity she is asked. Whether through her music or the preaching of the Word, she seeks the heart of God in order to draw others to Him. A gift to the body of Christ and a friend to many!
Pastor Donna Goodwin
Crossroads Ministries

I have known Cheryl Lambert for many years now and it is with great honor to write this letter of endorsement for her. She is indeed one of the most dependable, GOD CALLED, GOD FEARING WOMEN that I have ever known.

Every time that she opens her mouth to minister, in any manner, the anointing seems to flow beyond measure or comprehension. Whether she is singing a song, preaching, teaching, or engaging in old timey cottage prayer meetings and healing services. I have never asked Cheryl to do anything for me that she has not done and done well. On many occasions, I have been honored to send her to churches to minister in my place, and received nothing but honorable reports back.

I have no reservation about recommending her for any phase of ministry, near or far, and will on any available time go along with her to minister. She is a Woman after God’s own heart. It has always been God first, God second, and God third in her life.

Rev. Susie W. Dease
2705 Sandy Bay Rd.
Kingstree, SC 29556
Phone: (843) 833-2406

Cheryl Lambert




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