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Courses of Study

School of Ministry Classes are offered 2 or 3 classes at a time during 6 week intervals indicated below, with exception too year 1 which is only offered online.

Year 1

♦ *How to Study Your Bible
♦ Expository Preaching
♦The Power of the Call
♦ *The Master Plan of Evangelism
♦ *Light for the Journey
♦ Character Matters
♦ Biblical Counseling
♦ History of the IPHC
♦*IPHC Manual
♦ What the Bible is All About (*O.T./*N.T. Survey)

Year 2

♦ Family Ministry/Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life
♦ An Introduction to Theology (Vol. I-III)
♦ The Beauty of the Balance/Roberts Rules of Order
♦ Romans/1 & 2 Corinthians
♦ The Missional Leader /Ministerial Ethics
♦ Relational Leadership/Church Administration

Year 3

 ♦ Church History/Introduction to World Missions
♦ Receiving the Promise of the Father/Gifts of the Spirit
♦ Our Awesome Lord/Scriptural Holiness
♦ Thriving Churches in the 21st Century/Practical Guide for Pastoral Ministry
♦ Genesis/Isaiah
♦ Acts
♦ Financial Peace

Special Note: Courses marked with a * are for Local Ministers Certificate

Class Locations
The School of Ministry classes are offered online and are held at the South Carolina Conference in the Training Room,
located at 620 S. Ron McNair Blvd., Lake City, SC, 29560.
There are several satellite classes located in different churches through out the South Carolina Conference.
For more information on the location of these satellites call 843.394.8508 ex125.
Only the first year classes are offered as online classes.

Class Times
Monday: 7:30 pm—9:30 pm.
Year II and III classes meet on Monday nights, with one weekend class per year.

International Class in:
Currently we have Sixteen Schools of Ministry through out South East Asia thanks to Missionaries Tim & Beth Salley.

SC Conference School of Ministry Fees:
Registration Fee per ever 6 weeks: $100
Other fees: Book(s) and Class Notes {Will Vary}

Online School of Ministry Fees:
Registration per Class: $50
Other fees: Book(s) and Class Notes {Will Vary}

Advantage College Fees: Due before Graduation
Advantage College Application: $25
Associate of Arts in Practical Theology Degree: $100
Bachelors of Arts in Practical Theology Degree: $200.