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Archives & Research Library

It has long been a desire of mine to establish a library in the Archives Department.  I have envisioned a library of books donated by ministers and the families of ministers of the South Carolina Conference.  These books will be available to anyone visiting our Archives Library. 

Those to whom we are most thankful already include the families of:
Family of Rev. David A. McKenzie Family of Rev. W. H. Turner
Family of Rev. Charles E. Bradshaw Family of Rev. H. W. Brown
Family of Rev. Robert Paul Byrd Rev. & Mrs. H. Larry Jones
Family of Rev. H. Willard Neese Family of Rev. & Mrs. J.B. Cox
Rev. D. Sherrill Orvin Family of Rev. Mack Alexander
Family of Rev. W.C. Player Rev. David Coker
Rev. Charles Grooms Rev. E.L. Young
Mrs. Eloise Stewart
Dovie and grandson Michael Brown Mrs. H.W. "Dovie" Brown
Mrs. Nina Neese Mrs. Nina Neese
Mrs. Eloise Stewart Mrs. Eloise Stewart






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