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In February of this year our family went on a trip to the mountains.  It has become a yearly event that I really look forward to.  We search for houses that are not at the top of mountains. You see, I do not like heights, nor do I like narrow mountain roads with high drop offs. 

 So…here we go.  Our ride to the mountains was uneventful.  It did rain off and on the entire trip.  My brother in law and his family had gone ahead of us and already arrived at the house, so when we arrived we called them to get the low down and possibly some easy directions.  We had already passed the turn my brother in law gave us, so we decided to use our GPS. It said we were only about eight minutes away.  GPS takes us to this gated community.  We’re thinking, “Hmmm…this place is nicer than we thought.”  We can see these really nice houses all lit up in front of us.  We press the button to open the gate and GPS tells us to turn right, so we do.  We are almost immediately on a steep road and a dirt road at that. There are no houses to be seen. It continues to tell us to turn left or right, the street names are there for us to follow, the only off thing is that the roads are dirt. We make the comment that it seems odd that the roads are dirt because the houses looked so nice. With each turn we are ascending and I begin to feel very uneasy.  It is as dark as I’ve ever seen, no street lights, only our headlights.  We stop to evaluate the situation.  Greg calls his brother to ask about directions and nothing we mention is familiar to him so we decide to go to the next road and turn around.  Remember I said it had been raining and that we were continually ascending?  When Greg hit the gas, the tires began to spin in place.  They continue to spin as he tries to go forward.  Then he tries to go backward and we get stuck in the dirt.  “I turn to Greg and say, “are we stuck?” He replies, “yes we are.”  Suffice it to say that I am becoming very afraid. We then realize we are on a service road and the large ruts we’ve noticed on the road are from the large trucks that use it.  So he tries to go backwards, the car loosens from the roads grip and we begin to slide backwards down this road.  It is very dark!  The more gas he gives the car the more we continue to slide backwards.  At this point I have crossed over from afraid to terrified! The car finally stops and I decide to get out of the car.  My thoughts are, “I’m getting everyone out of this car, we will walk down this mountain and my brother in law can come get us,” only we didn’t know exactly where we were! I walk to the back of the car and notice the road is clay and we are about three feet from the side of the mountain with a very steep drop off.   The taillights have revealed that nugget of information.  Greg gets out of the car (and of course he is cool and calm…one of us had to be!).  He says that we need to turn around.  The car is at an angle, the back of the car is closest to the drop off.  Did I say I was terrified?  This is not an exaggeration!  I have to pull myself together in order to guide him to make this turn around, so with the good Lord’s help I do.  I forgot to say that as we are sliding backwards, I’m praying out loud, “God help us!” We get the car turned around and once I see that he’s not sliding down the mountain, I get back in the car. Yes, I can be a little stubborn.  We make it safely to the house

Now I have told you all that to say this, I have never been that afraid in my entire life.  I cried off and on for the rest of the night and part of the next day. As I laid in bed that night I kept rehearsing what had happened and the Lord spoke to my heart, “I am a very present help in times of trouble.” I was overwhelmed!  I know now more than ever before that this is true. I felt gratitude in the deepest part of my being.  Even now as I type this I am overwhelmed by those words, “a very present help”, meaning, He is very much there when we go through tough times.  We are never alone.  My emotional breakdown did not sway His ability to rescue us. He was ready and well able to help.  He was there!

One more story, our son Seth lives in San Francisco California. A few years ago he was robbed at gunpoint.  It terrified him and there are times when he relives the robbery and the fear is still there.  Moments before he was robbed I was awakened and told to pray for protection over my family.  I did not know who I was praying for.  When Seth called us right after it happened I told him I had been up praying for our family.  He was amazed at that.  I was overwhelmed at the nearness of God across many miles.  We could not be there to protect our son, BUT GOD IS A VERY PRESENT HELP!  I later found out that the Holy Spirit had also awakened a dear woman of God and told her to pray protection over my family.  Need I say more?  He is and always will be a very present help. I give all praise and glory to Jesus and I will be forever grateful. 

So two things I have learned 1) God is true to His word and 2) Never use your GPS on mountain roads!




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