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Labor Day 2014 By Pastor Larry Hancock

For most of my adult life, Labor Day has consisted of just that - labor. I usually plan some type of building, repair, or yard project to complete. This year was very different. The labor was extensive, but of a different nature. Landmark held a 3 night Labor of Love Crusade under a tent on East 3rd St. in Kershaw. We also had our weekly Prayer Walk on Wed., Sidewalk Sunday School on Sat., and our Sunday AM service was held outside under the tent. Wednesday evening during our Prayer Walk, the Holy Spirit fell in the midst of a small crowd gathered by the side of the road. This would be a preview of what was coming during the weekend. God did some amazing things. We had 62 in attendance for our Sidewalk Sunday Scool. While the last altar call of the Crusade was being given Sunday night, there were 3 precious people that walked in off the street and made their way to the altar. None of them had been in any of the services. That's the power of the Holy Spirit to draw people. It wasn't how good our singing was, even though it was great. It wasn't how well I preached, even though I pray it was good. It was all about HIM, and what He did in their lives. I could not have been any more exhausted had I spent the weekend building or repairing something, but I have never enjoyed a Labor Day like this one. Jesus has made such a difference in my life, and I want to tell and show as many as I can that he will do the same for them. THERE IS POWER IN THE NAME OF JESUS..TO BREAK EVERY CHAIN. I HEAR THE CHAINS FALLING!




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