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Life Center Pentecostal Holiness Church

Sharing Space with You: Dear Brother Anthony,

I just wanted to let you know how much our church has been impacted by having you come at a strategic time in our ministry at Life Center Pentecostal Holiness Church. The revival that began in October 2013 was absolutely the best revival I had seen up until that time period. The hunger of the people for a touch from God coupled with the dynamic preaching and demonstration of the Holy Ghost in that house brought about miracles that I have longed to see with my own eyes. I too, was taken back and questioned the actual miracles that were taking place yet in my spirit, I knew it was God and that it was real. As I observed Christians from other mainline denominations being filled with the Spirit, being slain in the Spirit and being healed of all kinds of diseases and sicknesses I COULD ONLY STAND IN AWE OF THE WONDERS OF GOD!

The power of God was so strong, the people were so giving of both their means and putting themselves into whole-hearted worship that we decided to go an extra night…then we both felt the Lord speak that we should stop for a few weeks, let people walk out (live it!) what they had received from the Lord and come back the next month with another 4 day revival service. This is what we did and the anticipation and demonstration of the Lord was greater than before. The enemy had attacked many of the people and so this fresh and powerful work of God reconfirmed in many what God had done. Once again, we took it an extra day because the crowds were growing each night. After the extended night, we decided to break again and come back on January 12, 2014 with another series of services. This time we knew God was going to EXPLODE IN THE HOUSE! And our expectations were met.

Whatsoever you ask in prayer, believing, you shall receive (Matt.21:22). This is exactly what we received. AN OUTPOURING OF GOD'S SPIRIT that I have not seen since the early 1980's. Every night in January we exceeded our record goals of attendance. On Tuesday night, we had people in the aisles, in the pews, in the hallways, at the altar, on the platform being prayed for and receiving God's mighty touch. People were being overtaken by the power of God in such a way that I couldn't keep up with it all. I stood back at one point and watched as the body of Christ began to minister to one another because the presence of God was so strong in the house. Brother Anthony went from one to another praying and speaking words of knowledge and wisdom into people's lives and they received those words as God speaking directly to them because the words that were spoken in past meetings had come to past and been proven to be God breathed. THIS IS WHEN THE SUPERNATURAL CAN TAKE PLACE…WHEN THE BODY BELIEVES THAT GOD CAN DO THE IMPOSSIBLE! I can't give an accurate count of the number of salvations and Spirit-filled baptisms but there were many. And in our church, which is less than three years old, we have experienced growth. The new converts have come back and are now receiving sound doctrine to accompany their new life in Christ. Praise the Lord!

So where do we go from here? Brother Anthony and I believe that we are to come back again and have services in the latter part of April or May. This time, we will need more space and parking at our church…so we are trying to make preparation for the move of God for that season.

I am finding that people are not into the showmanship they have seen on TV and are not into empty words spoken from someone who has never experienced the power of God. But they are hungry for a true move of God and they are starving for the demonstration of the power of God that is promised to those who believe as written in Matthew and Mark. We are a small town in the rural South…but isn't it just like God to take a humble man of God and mix it with a people who are hungry for the genuine power of God to make an impact in the American society that is falling away from the God it was founded upon? I believe we are beginning to experience the birthing of the last great day revival. The formula is here: Humble servant of God + hungry souls seeking God = Power of God moving among them.

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