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The Challenge Magazine

The South Carolina Conference of the IPHC publishes the Challenge twice a year in the fall/winter and spring/summer with offices located in Lake City South Carolina.
The purpose of this publication is for the leadership of the South Carolina Conference to be able to share their heart and vision for the Conference as well as for the Kingdom of God and to keep you abreast of the all that is going on in each ministry division of the Conference.  It is also a time to share the great news of what is taking place in our Conference through our churches and ministers.
Habakkuk 2:2 (NIRV) says, "Write down the message I am showing you in a vision.  Write it clearly on the tablets you use.  Then a messenger can read it and run to announce it."   We commit to those who read this to write the vision God is sharing with us in hopes that you will take this message and run with it and tell everyone you can what great things the Lord is doing not only in the South Carolina Conference but in all of our churches.  May the Lord richly bless you as you read the Challenge.



2017 The Challenge (Fall/ Winter Vol 63 #2)   |   2017 The Challenge  (Spring/ Summer Vol. 63#1)


2016 The Challenge (Fall/ Winter Vol 62 #2)   |   2016 The Challenge  (Spring/ Summer Vol. 62#1)


2015 The Challenge (Fall/ Winter Vol 61 #2)   |   2015 The Challenge  (Spring/ Summer Vol. 61#1)


2014 The Challenge (Fall/ Winter Vol 60 #2)   |    2014 The Challenge  (Spring/ Summer Vol. 60#1)   


2013 The Challenge  (Fall/ Winter Vol 59 #2)   |   2013 The Challenge  (Spring/ Summer Vol. 59 #1)   


2012 The Challenge  (Fall/ Winter Vol 58 #2)   |   2012 The Challenge  (Spring/ Summer Vol. 58 #1)


2011 The Challenge  (Fall/ Winter Vol 57 #2)   |   2011 The Challenge  (Spring/ Summer Vol. 57 #1)







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