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Dean Morgan

 Dean serves as Assistant Superintendent of the South Carolina Conference. He also serves on the General World Missions Council along with being the director of the South Carolina Conference School of Ministry, World Missions Ministries, and Evangelism USA/Church Planting. Previously he served as the Johnsonville district Elder/Conference Board Member. Earlier, he served as the Assistant South Carolina Conference Church Education (now Discipleship) Ministries Director. Dean has also pastored several churches in the South Carolina Conference.

Dean started the School of Ministry in the South Carolina Conference in 1986 and this school has expanded with School's of Ministry in Malaysia and Indonesia. It continues to be a vital force in training men and women for ministry in the South Carolina Conference.

Dean also serves the IPHC as a Master trainer with Dynamic Church Planting International (DCPI).

Dean holds a Bachelors in Theology from Holmes College of the Bible, a BA in Bible from Central Wesleyan College, and a MAR in Theology from Asbury Theological Seminary.

Last paragraph: He and his wife, Annette, retired Florence County School District 3 employee, and graduate of Emmanuel College School of Christian Ministries, have three grown children. Marty (Rebecca), Wendy (Vince), and Cathy (Joshua). They have Four grandchild, Brendon Dammai, Chris Morgan, Eden Wells, and Hellen Morgan.






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