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Church Planting and Revitalization

To reinforce and implement the church planting thrust of the denomination, Evangelism USA (EVUSA) is actively engaged in placing church planters in major urban centers where there is not IPHC presence and in partnering with conferences to provide support for church planters. This support network includes financial help, training events and cutting-edge materials. Personal coaching by the Director of City Quest, Dr. Owen Weston, is also available

Invading new areas of opportunity with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

EVUSA believes the most important resource in any church planting project is the church planter and works in a “holistic” format to address his needs and those of his family as a part of the total church planting process. This holistic format also involves all of the IPHC Ministries in the church planting effort

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HGM Healthy, Growing, Multiplying Churches
Free Training Series with Rev. Bill Rose
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On-Site Location: Dining Hall Room 620 S. Ron McNair Blvd. Lake City, SC 29560


Church Planting & Revitalization
Church Planting & Revitalization

Evangelism Director
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