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Free Camp of the Pee Dee

South Carolina Conference of the International Pentecostal Holiness Church, Inc.

Free Camp was started by Christian Heritage Church (Amarillo, TX) over 20 years ago. The event has become so popular that Free Camp has expanded across the U.S. and into the Philippines. 

The Free Camp mission is to “provide kids with a free spiritual encounter with God, where social, economic, and racial barriers are broken down.” As the name implies, Free Camp is totally free to all campers, regardless of economic status. 

The camp focuses on building up each child’s self-esteem through activities that promote positive attitudes, personal character, and positive role models. Every activity is designed to “level the playing field” so children are not aware of athletic, intellectual, economic, racial or social differences.

Practically, Free Camp is about giving young people the opportunity to experience summer camp, regardless of their economic status. Spiritually, it is about helping youth discover a new destiny.

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