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Girls’ Ministries (GM) is the official name of the IPHC discipleship ministry to girls. Our discipleship focus uses the girls club concept with clubs for age groups from preschool through high school. Local churches who choose not to use this curriculum should still implement a ministry to girls. Our goal is to win girls to Jesus Christ, disciple them and make imprints with eternal significance.

The imprint of today’s society on young and vulnerable girls can be devastating. Only God can turn devastation into beautiful testimonies. He uses dedicated women to leave His imprint on every girl He places in the care of Girls’ Ministries.

Girls Ministries

Girls’ Ministry Director (Biography)
Denise Wilson

stand firm

girls ministires new curriculum

The IPHC Girls Ministries Team has a new Curriculum for you and your girls. This Curriculum emphasises Bible Reading and even encourages families to get involved in what their girls are learning! Download it now by clicking the button below