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The emphasis of World Missions Ministries (WMM) is to enlist the entire Pentecostal Holiness Church in active missions involvement. It is the desire of the South Carolina Conference WMM’s to lead this Conference in united prayer for the nations of the world, promote a broader knowledge of IPHC mission fields, and to challenge our present generation to be more missions-minded and willing to become personally involved in our goal to reach the world for Jesus. Please join with WMM in this endeavor. Together we can train each local church to become a “Great Commission” church and we can reach the hurting nations of the world for Christ.

Synergy is a powerful phenomenon where, “the interaction of two or more agents or forces combined has a greater effect than the sum of the individual agents.” This definition of synergy best explains our corporate endeavor in taking the Gospel to the unreached peoples of the world. As God continues to lead us in the 21st century, we must be responsible to do our individual part and to join together with the dynamics of synergy. Each part adds to the whole. With all of us working together creatively through God’s leading, it is possible to reach this generation and beyond!

The power of synergy in missions allows each of our local churches along with the Conference to do together what no single church or group of churches could do alone. There is power in numbers; one puts a thousand to flight and two, ten thousand. God led the tribes of Israel into many victories, and today he is working through the members of the Body of Christ to be even more victorious. Each part of the body must be responsible to do its share. Together our potential multiplies and our impact in the world becomes more effective.

The South Carolina Conference World Missions Department is available to help build and equip the local church leadership and congregations in their understanding of Biblical missions.

We as a Conference must be responsible to follow God’s destiny for our lives and ministries. God has called us, positioned us, and empowered us to fulfill his purpose in the Church and in the world, and he is calling each local Pentecostal Holiness Church to a higher level of ministry which requires leading our people to new heights of service and participation.